north house – post 1

I’ve recently started the conceptual design of a residential home on a large piece of country land, backing onto a beautiful wooded escarpment in Ontario.  I want design to be an important driver of this project, so the aesthetic development of the building will be very important.  The concept centers on a simple modern form with some Scandinavian influence – something very suitable for the northern climate.  Materials will be very important here as well, as I want the home to sit well within its picturesque natural environment.


Here is the first teaser rendering that I’m using to develop the design – its the rear of the house with clean lines and plenty of glass to help capture the beautiful view behind the property.  This will become the focal point of the house, and should help to connect the interior space to the natural backyard.  The main structural shell has a significant overhang at the rear to protect the glazing from crazy solar gains, helping to regulate the interior heating/cooling, while still allowing plenty of light inside for the entire home.

More posts to follow as this project develops….

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