north house – post 2

The design for the front of the house is developing, alternating between a digital model and hand sketches.  The exterior is slowly being refined as I continually re-draw the building, each time at a higher level of detail.


The 3d model has the general massing and form that I want, which allows me to think ahead and quickly sketch the next wave of detail that needs to be considered.  Things like lights, gutters, materials, connections and things like numbering and mailboxes will soon come into play, and all need to be given some attention if I want to create a convincing residential project.

Problems start to uncover themselves within this process as well – I want to maintain the clean exterior form, and don’t want to use a traditional aluminum gutter attached to the fascia which would interrupt the simple outermost profile.  Therefore I want to incorporate a hidden gutter which drains within the wall cavity.  This works well with the thick exterior shell-wall, and has the potential to become a very interesting detail to draw out within the wall section.  What looks simple may hide a lot of complexity.  This process also allows me to test render views in order to curate the story that the project is telling.

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