collecting images on pinterest

©Architecture is a highly visual discipline.  Having a large database of images and design projects to draw upon for inspiration can have a dramatic impact on your own designer’s toolkit.


A great place to store visual snapshots of projects and ideas is Pinterest.  I personally use the Pinterest plugin for the Chrome browser.  This makes it incredibly easy to build a reference library of great projects while stumbling through the internet, and allows me to organize them however I choose.  Categories range from ‘interiors’ to ‘louvres and screens’ – it all depends how specific you want your library to be.  The next time you’re stuck for inspiration, flip through a few dozen related projects for some insight into how others have handled similar problems.My two largest Pinterest collections are

‘architectural illustrations’ and ‘residential homes and architecture’ – with nearly 1300 pinned images between the two categories over the past few years.  If you want to peruse the projects I deem worthy of a second look, check out ‘schwartzitect’ on Pinterest.  Enjoy!



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