visions of autumn

Winter is coming.  The seasons have definitely shifted, and today was the first day here in Toronto that I’ve woken up to snow.  Gross.  The concentration of bearded hipster plaid is rising.

There are some things to be grateful for as the falling leaves turn to falling snow, however, and my mind shifts to thoughts of hot chocolate, crackling fireplaces, wool scarves and home made soup.  Strange that these things are all associated with keeping warm… damn you, Canadian winter, damn yofall-tree-sketchu.

My apartment is a small one, roughly 400 square feet of paradise with single pane windows in awful warped frames that let in a serious draft when it’s -25 celsius.  So right now, I am envisioning a sexy modern fireplace in a warm Scandinavian style interior with expansive windows and light wood tones throughout.  Comfortable furniture with thick blankets, thick books, and some steaming hibiscus tea in a thick mug.  Speaking of hipster lumberjack plaid, maybe I used an axe to chop down an old pine tree from my private wooded acres out back which now supplies the glowing embers that currently radiate throughout the room.  An early fall afternoon spent splitting the boughs into manageable firewood and stacking it neatly in a recessed alcove built into the exterior wall of the house, just off the back deck.  A big playful dog keeping me company the whole time.

These are the daydreams I have when I’m bundled up in my tiny concrete shoe box directly in the heart of a busy, frozen city.  It’s good practice to visualize your ideal future, and get specific – a target gives you something to aim for.  Imagine it.  Believe it.  Create it.

Next, visualize the winter spent somewhere warm with breezy
palm trees and sandy beaches….

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