canada’s 150th birthday

Canada celebrates its 150th year of confederation in 2918.  That’s both a lie and typo, not to mention completely impossible.  Great start.  The big birthday is actually this year, 2017.  High five to Canada!  Only us Canadians would celebrate that awkward number… other countries have celebrated their 1000th, and there are some whales swimming around deep in the arctic that are older than our country.  But hey, crack a beer, eh?

parliament building in ottawa. image from

Following in that theme, the RAIC (Royal Architectural Institute of Canada) is celebrating in Ottawa this spring.  From May 24-27 in our nation’s capital, the Festival of Architecture explores the role of architecture in our Canadian culture, heritage and society.  Maybe I’ll see you there?

For more info check out the RAIC website here.

Notes from this post:

I learned that Bowhead whales can live over 200 years, and one was once found with a harpoon embedded in its blubber that aged it to be 211.  Insanity.

Japan and China are debatably the oldest countries in the world.

The word ‘sesquicentennial’ relates to 150th birthdays.

Bonus Question:  How often does the word sesquicentennial get used?

Answer:  Pretty much once every 150 years.

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