create momentum

Envision a massive boulder the size of a house sitting idly in a grass field.  Imagine pushing on that giant rock with all your might, the effort that it would take to even budge such a monolith of stone.  Impossible.

Now picture that same looming boulder, however this time it’s careening down the side of a mountain at top speed, crushing pine trees like toothpicks.  Imagine all the fodder necessary to stop that crashing rock, let alone slow it down.

The momentum of that rock is your best friend and also your worst enemy.  When you have moment in life, things start to flow and feel natural, tasks seem to effortlessly accomplish themselves like falling dominos in a low, efficient row.  Obstacles are overcome and only serve to strengthen your resolve.  One accomplishment creates the confidence that leads directly to the next accomplishment.  Nothing can stop you, nothing can slow you down.  Life feels exponential….

OR, fuck. You are sluggish and barely able to drag your corpse from bed in the morning. Or the afternoon.  Or whenever. The days seem to drag on and fly by simultaneously.  But that’s ok, because you’ll get started on turning things around tomorrow.  And then the tomorrow after that.  The giant boulder of your life has sunken itself into the earth, and become nearly impossible to push forward.  Life feels impossible….

Just know that you are the one the creates and destroys your own momentum.  You alone have complete control.  When you haven’t been to the gym in a few days, or weeks, or months…. or when you haven’t finished that book you started… or that DIY home repair project…. or that blog post…. you can always do 1 push-up right now. Or read a page. Or paint 1 wall.  Or write a single sentence.  Just 1, honest.

Guess what?!  While you’re at do, do a second one.  No problem, right?  You’re already down there doing a push-up, you may well do a couple more.  Oh, you may as well finish the chapter.  Oh, you might as well paint the whole damn room, and write the entire blog post.  Tricked you, sucka!  You’ve already started, so its pretty easy to keep going.  That’s the hack behind momentum – you can create it.

I’ve been meaning to draw something the past few days, yet it kept getting put off – perhaps and equivalent to writer’s block.  I needed to get something on the page, anything at all.  Then I’d have some momentum, probably polish it off, get that positive burst of endorphins and a feeling of accomplishment and it would take the pressure off so that I could quickly go ahead and do the next one.

In this case I just did a quick ink study of a ranch from a photo on my ‘residential homes‘ pinterest page.  Boom, ink on the page.  Drawing complete.  Momentum gained.  Now its easier to move onto the next task with a sense of success confident purpose.  Giddy up.

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