drawing a house again (and again)

To design a house is to draw it again. And again.  Then probably again.  Another 40 more times please.  The development of the project throughout the process can be almost biological in its evolution… what started as wild circles and loose gestures begins to coalesce  based on various relationships with myriad of things; client desires, site conditions, access, building code, municipal bylaws, costs, etc.  A building isn’t born so much as its consciously pushed out kicking and screaming.

But you DO have to draw the house again.  By using tracing paper, you become the curator of physical space.  Refine the plan by re-drawing over the parts you like and tweaking them slightly each time and by omitting the rest.  Fill in the blank spots.  Repeat.  Refine the level of detail each time you sketch and you’ll develop families of design versions that share similar characteristics – the ideal design process will leave a behind a genealogical tree of life as versions of the design split off and evolve in their own unique way, slowly dying in favour of more promising adaptations.

Then zoom in a bit, draw things in greater detail yet again.  Switch to a sectional view and draw it again.  How are things affected when changes are made?  Test it in a perspective.  Tweak the plan.  Section it.  Zoom in for a detail.  What does the reflected ceiling plan look like?  Zoom out for the site plan again.  Now zoom back in way.  More.  Again.  Draw.

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