photography upgrade – free from harvard

Good images sell architecture.  Sometimes that’s great – maybe you have a fledgling new firm and a particularly sharp image or your work has spread across the internet, giving you some fresh exposure (pun partially intended).  Other times, however, not so good – maybe your vacation resort only looks habitable from that one angle on their website, and the lone palm tree from the photo actually died 3 years ago.

Either way, some professional grade photography will help sell your work.  That said, sometimes your fledgling firm can’t find the cash to pay for that level of quality.  Quite frankly, I think you should dedicate a small fraction of the revenue from each project to documentation – fresh fodder for instagram marketing.

Still can’t afford it?  No worries – you can take a digital photography course from Harvard online, for free (!), and crank out some great images all by yourself.  Dan Armendariz teaches “Exposing Digital Photography” with fully accessible online access, by means of youtube videos and downloadable presentations and problem sets.

Check the ‘Schedule‘ section for the lectures, which look to be only be 10-15 hours in total.  A small price to pay for superior images, and a fantastic way to sell your own architecture projects.

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