a frank gehry masterclass

Continuous lifelong learning is a common trait among the world’s top performers.  No matter what sport, job or activity – those that are the very best continue to learn and grow within their genre.  Adapt or die…

Online courses have become an accessible way to learn about very specific niches, on your own time, own pace, and often for reasonable prices.  Though this trend has really exploded the past few years and I’m a huge proponent of lifelong learning, I have yet to do any kind of online training course.d3858b8753f02f9a7da353c8ef515260

That might be about to change… I recently came across a Masterclass taught by the one and only Frank Gehry.  For $90 (pre-enroll fee) you can work through 15+ video lessons with a downloadable workbook, and Gehry will critique some student’s work.

To be honest, I’m a little dubious of the quality of information that will be taught, but I’m still intrigued.  Will it be for geared towards professionals, students, or simply interested bystanders?  Will it be all crumpled paper and wild sculpted forms, or deeper philosophies on things like light, space and movement?  Either way, that’s a pretty reasonable price to glean 15 hours of information from one of the world’s top architects.

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