museum aan de stroom

Recently Curbed published a list of the 17 most beautiful museums in the world (you can check out the full list here).  I don’t necessarily agree with them all, but there were also a few gems that I hadn’t seen before.  There was one in particular that I was quite struck with – the Museum aan de Stroom, located in Antwerp, Belgium.


The art museum known as the MAS is both contextual and modern; a simple rectangular volume has several tiers of visually striking voids that give the impression of a 3D Tetris game.  Also, a 3D Tetris game should probably exist if it doesn’t already.  The voids are lined with a curved glass curtain wall system while the ‘solid’ portions of the building are clad with a gorgeous Indian red sandstone which lend the building a sense of mass and weight to offset the transparent sections.


The building was designed by the Dutch architecture firm Neutelings Riedijk Architects.  They boast a nice selection of completed buildings ranging through quite a few typologies.  Another I quite like is a humble road support building with some sleek black exterior walls that taper outward to the ground.



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