architectural atmospheres

Have you ever wanted to peek behind the scenes and see what an architectural studio looks like?  What about a multitude of studios from all over the world?  Marc Goodwin, an architectural photographer, has pulled back the curtains just for you.

Marc is clearly a respected photographer – his list of published works spans Archdaily, Deezen, Detail, Dwell, Architectural Digest, and on and on and on.  His team at Archmospheres has started shooting and capturing the atmospheres of architectural offices all over the world so you can finally quench your curiosity.  You may even recognize some of the names, like 3XN and Renzo Piano…

Check out the’projects’ page to peruse offices in select cities like Paris, London and Seoul.  The variety of spaces that architects choose to inhabit is pretty remarkable, and many are as interesting and unique as you would hope.  Most people have never set foot inside an architecture office, so this is a rare opportunity to catch of a glimpse of these private creative spaces.

Worst case scenario, you spend hours sifting through some great examples of architectural photography from around the world.  That still sounds like a win to me.

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